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  • Kick start your healthy eating with delicious dietitian approved recipes within the monthly 1-week meal plan

  • Ability to check-in for peer-to-peer and dietitian support

  • Unveil your nutrition problems and learn how to solve them through our hand-crafted foundational nutrition course

  • Understand how mindfulness can transform your eating habits

  • Easily access evidence-based sustainable nutrition education videos and articles

  • Enjoy professionally created accountability activities, mindfulness, and goal setting techniques

  • Message and email access for discussions, course clarity and technical support

  • Receive exclusive discounts and access to our latest nutrition offerings

Membership Perks

As a Rapid Refine or RR Meal Plan Club member, you have the unique opportunity to learn about and test out science-based nutrition, build a community, receive exclusive access to our latest nutrition offerings, and much more!

  • Nutrition 101 Course

    You will receive monthly access to our 100% virtual four-week foundational nutrition course that is designed to help you navigate the world of nutrition misinformation. It includes videos, custom handouts, quizzes, exercises, recipes, articles, and more covering all things nutrition with new material being added regularly.

  • Meal Plans

    Enjoy monthly dietitian-crafted one-week meal plans that come equipped with fresh dietitian approved-recipes that are delicious and easy to prepare. These meal plans may promote healthy habits and sustainable changes over time!

  • Private Community

    Unlock exclusive access to a private Facebook group that is run by our Power Portions nutrition team. An open space for our members to connect, ask our nutrition team questions, and stay up to date on upcoming happenings!

  • Private Blog

    Enjoy hot off-the-press nutrition topics just for our members! Each month our dietitians take a deep dive into the most recent research and wrap it up into an easy-to-read blog just for you!

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    Be the first to know about our new service offers, have early access to our events, receive priority on nutrition coaching waitlists, PLUS take advantage of members-only discounts!

  • Fresh Material

    Nutrition is always evolving, so you can look forward to new and fresh material being added in the form of course modules, blogs, recipes, and more on a regular basis!

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Bonus material

Wondering what else you get to enjoy as a Rapid Refine member? Take a look!

  • Extra Recipes

    We are always dropping new recipes in addition to what you receive in the meal plan! Rapid Refine members will always have access to our vault of recipes that can make meal prepping easy and save you from hours of searching for recipes online!

  • Grocery List + Meal Planner

    Eating healthier just got easier! All members can download our Grocery & Food Swaps list and Weekly Meal Planner for easy planning and shopping, saving you money and time.

  • Eating Style Quiz

    Members can take the Eating Styles Quiz to discover their eating style, get tips specifically for their eating style and learn about all the other styles too!

Check Out the Course Curriculum

  • 1

    1. Problem: Diet Trends & Misinformation

  • 2

    2. Problem Manifestation: Eating Styles

    • Eating Styles

    • Eating Style Quiz

    • Eating Style - Meal Skipper

    • Eating Style - Nighttime Nibbler

    • Eating Style - Convenient Diner

    • Eating Style - Fruitless Feaster

    • Eating Style - Steady Snacker

    • Eating Style - Hearty Portioner

    • Eating Style - Swing Eater

    • BONUS: Module 2 - Quinoa Meadly Recipe

  • 3

    3. Internal Solution: Goal Setting & Mindfulness

    • Smart Goals

    • Smart Goal Breakdown

    • Smart Goals - Action Activity

    • Power of the Mind

    • How likely are you to...

    • Mindfulness & Intuitive Eating 101

    • Hunger

    • 20-Minute Meal Assignment

    • 20-Minute Meal Feedback

    • BONUS: Module 3 - Cucumber Tomato Salad Recipe

  • 4

    4. External Solution: Nutrients & Portions

    • Power of Nutrients

    • Carbohydrates

    • Carbohydrates Quiz

    • Protein

    • Protein Quiz

    • Fats

    • Fats Quiz

    • The Power of Portions

    • Portions Quiz

    • BONUS: Module 4 - Food Swap and Grocery List

    • BONUS: Module 4 - Cinnamon Latte Recipe

  • 5

    5. Movement

    • Movement Matters - Introduction

    • Strength Training Versus Cardio Training - Blog

    • Movement Benefits

    • Pre, During & Post Workout Fueling

  • 6

    You're Refined!

    • Rapid Refine Feedback

  • 7

    RR Member Resources

    • Rapid Refine Blog

    • Monthly 1-Week Meal Plan

    • Rapid Refine Community

Meet Your Dietitians

Lead Dietitian, Senior Instructor

Briana Butler, MCN, RDN, LD

Briana Butler is a registered dietitian nutritionist and former professional athlete serving the Houston area. Briana holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Performance from the University of Southern California and a masters’ degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. The latter of which she received after playing in the WNBA and overseas for three years. Upon retirement from professional sports, Briana followed her passion for health and athletics by pursuing a career in performance dietetics, believing from experience that nutrition efforts and performance are congruous. Since switching careers, Briana has worked with collegiate, professional (NFL, NBA, WNBA, NBA G-League, ultra-marathonist & cyclist, MMA athletes, and boxers), NFL combine, NBA combine, and health and wellness clients in private practice and under world-renowned brands such as Southern Methodist University, EXOS, Gatorade Sports Science Institute, and the Dallas Cowboys. Additionally, Briana serves as the Director of Accelerate Diversity in Sports Dietetics for the mentoring branch of the Gatorade Sports Fueling Project and is an active mentor for Diversify Dietetics in efforts to provide students of color pursuing sports nutrition with encouragement and support to follow their dreams and passions. Above all, Briana finds purpose in being a wife to her husband Brice and full-time mom to their kids Braiden and Liana!

Nutrition Fellow, Instructor

Francine Hoffman, MS, RD, CSCS

Francine Hoffman graduated with her Master’s in Nutrition with an Exercise Science specialization from South Dakota State University. She plans on working towards the sports nutrition specialization (CSSD) as she continues on her path of being a Dietitian! Francine is passionate about helping athletes with several aspects of performance. She enjoys educating on proper fueling and seeing that translate to success on and off the field. In addition, Francine is looking forward to building her clinical nutrition skills to better serve future athletes and clients. She also has her CSCS, NSCA-CPT and she’s experienced with training a variety of individuals! Francine loves spending her free time in the gym, exploring the outdoors, cooking, and playing the piano!


  • Who is this membership for?

    This membership is for ANYONE that is tired of cutting through nutrition clutter on their own and looking to develop a strong basic nutrition foundation, looking for community, and ready to start somewhere.

  • Does this membership include a personalized meal and workout plan?

    The Rapid Refine membership is strictly educational and the meal plan, albeit amazing, is not tailored for your specific needs. All included benefits are meant to give you a solid nutrition start, support to kick-start the journey, and a look into our philosophy as a company!

  • What if I have a specific medical diagnosis or special diet needs due to chronic or metibolic conditions?

    Please contact us at! This course is not meant to provide tailored information for specific disease states, we would prefer to personally discuss your best options with you!

  • How long will I have access to the course within the membership?

    Until you cancel! We want you to have sound nutrition information readily available to you when you need it the most.

  • Will I have access to a dietitian?

    The Rapid Refine membership does not include access beyond our private community and course discussion boards. If you would like dietitian access, please email us at to learn more about our signature programs! For questions about course content or functionality, please use the discussion or message areas of the course!

  • Will I reach my body goals on the meal plan?

    It depends! Though we would love to, we cannot guarantee results. The Rapid refine membership - the 1-week meal plan is not tailored to fit your specific nutrition needs, but more focused on offering you delicious and nutritious options that you can implement right away! We ask that you reach out to us directly if you have specific body goals in mind to learn about our other available options.

  • Does this membership include 1-on-1, group, or face-to-face sessions?

    This is not a benefit of the Rapid Refine membership! However, you do have the ability to ask us questions regarding content clarity via the discussion section and engage in nutrition conversations in the private community! Who doesn't love to have a trusted resource available at the touch of a button?!

  • What if I want a more tailored or 1-on-1 sessions?

    We provide this in our signature packages. Please check out our website, or reach out to us directly at for more information!

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